Values and Ethos

Our aim is to create tomorrow’s leaders, who can make the world a fairer and kinder place. We intend to do this by providing students with a range of experiences throughout their time at PSA, and teach them about our core values: Respect, Aspire, Integrity, Seva and Equality. 

Our values are represented in the word ‘RAISE’  and  consist of the characteristics that we believe underpin the development of our students. Learning to embrace these values will help them lead a meaningful, fulfilling life beyond school and will provide them with clarity regarding what is expected inside and outside the school environment.

Respect Be polite. Show tolerance and empathy towards others.
Aspire Set ambitious goals. Have no limit.
Integrity Be honest and trustworthy. Always do what is right.
Seva Be selfless. Always seek to help others. 
Equality Embrace our differences. Treat everyone fairly.

Our school RAISE values are emphasised by Sikh and British values through spiritual assemblies, tutor time and our extensive PSHCE programme. Our school slogan is “Mann Jeetay Jagg Jeet” which translates to to “Conquer your mind, conquer the world”.