Our Vision

History is an academic subject rich in powerful knowledge. It provides coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. History helps students to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.

History at PSA :

  • Provides students with a sense of development over time, and an appreciation of the culture and attitudes of societies other than our own;
  • Allows students to gain historical perspective by placing their knowledge into different contexts;
  • Gives students the ability to evaluate critically the significance and utility of a large body of material, including evidence from contemporary sources and interpretations of historians;
  • Enables students to engage directly with questions and communicate independent opinions about them in arguments that are well-written, clearly expressed, coherently organised and effectively supported by relevant evidence;
  • Allows students to gain the confidence to undertake self-directed learning, making the most effective use of time and resources

History at PSA aims to impart a life-long love of the study of past people, cultures and events. It is designed to equip students with a contextual understanding of Britain and the world, enabling them to make informed political and social choices. Throughout the key stages students develop increasingly sophisticated understanding of five key concepts of:

1. The use of evidence
2. Interpretations
3. Understanding significance
4. Change and continuity
5. Cause and consequence

Each Key stage has defined content and access to explicit skills that develop understanding of these key historical concepts.
At KS3 the History curriculum will develop each Core concept through thematic enquiries taught in broadly chronological sequence. Throughout the key stage we explore the themes of Power, Liberty and Conflict and specifically cover the Norman Conquest, Medieval Society, The Reformation,Trans Atlantic Slavery, The English Civil War, The Industrial Revolution and the World Wars.

KS4 builds upon KS3 study and follows the Edexcel specification with units that incorporate British, European and Global studies. The study of Crime and Punishment challenges students to understand the links between social, economic, political and religious changes over a (1000 year period) and their impact upon society, the state and the individual in relation to the definitions, attitudes, causes and reactions to crime. The Germany unit delves deeper into the consequences and causes of the World Wars studied in year 8 whilst also developing the themes of power and liberty…

History and the study of the past creates a powerful body of knowledge of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Culturally it helps students to understand British heritage and can provide a valuable context from which students can understand and begin to make sense of local, national and global issues. History should support students to make links between diverse societies and relationships, reflect on their own identity and appreciate the culture and attitudes of societies other than just their own.
We offer students the opportunities to attend trips to…
The History curriculum will systematically develop the relevant knowledge and skills that will directly support students to access the careers and opportunities they seek post 16. These include skills of literacy and discursive writing, oracy, interrogation and investigation, critical analysis and research.

For further information about our History curriculum, please contact Mr Mangan by emailing info@psa-bucks.com