Our Vision

We want our students to use creative thinking to understand and change the world. Drama has links with English, Music, History, Geography and Art and provides students with a look at the world around them through diverse types of exploration. In Drama students will learn not only to perform but of the wider performing arts industry from directing to stage management. From set design to marketing at a theatre. In the classroom we will travel to far places and through time as we look at drama throughout history and drama around the world. Building on all this knowledge of the subject, students will learn about how to communicate with others, formulate and present their ideas to a group and discuss the different issues we face in our world. Drama offers students the opportunity to learn in new and exciting ways. Drama can help students develop their confidence, group skills and reflection through creating theatre and by the end of learning drama students will be able to enter the world as young adults ready for the world of work armed with empathy, knowledge and a chance to continue growing.

For further information about our Drama curriculum, please contact Mr Bullen by emailing info@psa-bucks.com